My name is Jo-Ann van Genderen, and I consider myself an experienced expat having lived in various countries in the past 20 years. I think I’ll always remember how stressful my first move was. I’ve even experienced moving my own family. Each move added another element of complexity, because the family size increased each time. I have firsthand experience with the challenges mothers can face when moving a family—from settling each person into a routine, to finding grocery stores, doctors, dentists, sports clubs, music lessons and more. I so longed for guidance and assistance with each move.

One of my biggest obstacles was not being able to speak the local language when I moved. This made my transition even more challenging. As expats, we can deal with feelings of unfamiliarity when walking down a new street or driving around a new city. Because I know these feelings of uncertainty and frustration all too well, I decided to start my own relocation company to alleviate the stress and worry that I endured during my many moves. I believe everybody should feel at home anywhere they choose to call their home.

Abous us - Jo-Ann van Genderen